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Level Editor Sneak Peek

There are lots and lots of features still coming.

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The Swapper on Steam! (..Community)

I created a Steam group for The Swapper. Check it out and feel free to join: Then some info about the level editor which is going to be included in the game. It starts to be pretty usable. If … Continue reading

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Level editor, better graphics, Wine?

Today I officially started working on the level editor. It’s going to be “What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get” which means “Very intuitive and easy to use” Also the future graphics of The Swapper made a huge leap as the game is going to use … Continue reading

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Link: An interesting blog post about light and darkness

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Link: An article I really don’t know what to think about ;)

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Details mockup

Did some quick fotoshopping. What do you think? Is that the right direction to go? More detail = more immersion?

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I fixed some problems relating character collisions with the boxes/their physics bodies. That made everything feel much smoother than before. The solution was so simple it should not work after all..

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I updated yesterday the layout for The Swapper’s moddb page:

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