Announcing new art style for The Swapper

[Those of you who didn’t figure it out – this was an April Fools post!]

Some of you may have wondering why our blog has been so silent lately. The answer is that we’ve been super-busy working on some improvements on the tech that powers The Swapper.

During that time we also figured out that the HTML5/tablet market is the future. That, and the fact that we felt The Swapper could be even more immersive led us to totally revamp the game’s art style.

Below is a quick teaser showcasing the results our hard work. We’re super-hyped! We believe this is the right direction and hope you enjoy the changes as well! Stay tuned!



Ehm, this entry was posted on April 1.

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4 Responses to Announcing new art style for The Swapper

  1. raja says:

    hahaa, you totally got me there. i just love the concept.
    initially, by the name, i thought it was something about swapping your opponent to make progress.
    this is a lot more cooler. the art style is fabulous. if you need a beta (alpha?) tester, feel free to reach out =)

  2. elliott says:

    How you guys just went from amazing trailer, seen some time prior to another generic “Limbo” style game, and why you would WANT this, is beyond me.

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