The Swapper releasing May 30th, New Trailer!

The Swapper

Well, we’ve done it. The long wait is over. The Swapper is officially coming to Steam (and other TBA outlets) on May 30th! Scroll below for the trailer.

Mark your calendars! Tell your friends and family. Staple flyers to telephone poles and graffiti building sides. Use a megaphone to yell at strangers on the streets. This is serious news.

We understand you might be feeling apprehensive that the launch date is so soon and that you have not properly prepared. Don’t worry! With our help, in just 2 short weeks you too can be ready to play The Swapper.

We recommend you take the following steps*:

– Isolate yourself for long periods of time. This will acclimate you to your new, desolate environment and help ward off space dementia.
– Practice solving puzzles by pushing all buttons, levers, blocks and switches you come across in your day to day. If this causes trouble, just swap to one of your clones and leave the old one behind!
– Oh, be sure to start cloning yourself. That part is also important.
– Wear your space suit daily, including during rigorous physical exercise, sleeping and eating. You need to be familiar and nimble with your equipment on.

And remember, those voices you’re hearing are all perfectly normal. It’s an indication that your preparations are working!

Congratulations! Now you’re on your way to successfully experiencing The Swapper!

For additional study materials please view this new gameplay trailer and read Part 1 of Tom’s narrative retrospective.

Happy Swapping and thanks for the support everyone!

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*We accept no personal liability for possible side effects of extreme isolation, button pushing, graffiti, human cloning experiments or existential crisis brought about by recommended preparations.

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4 Responses to The Swapper releasing May 30th, New Trailer!

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  3. Karlos says:

    Isolation, levers and buttons. that sounds like my everyday routine simce I moved to Helsinki. Unfortunately I haven’t found my clones yet, but I know they’re watching me.


    I can’t wait to play the swapper!

  4. Konstantin says:

    The Swapper (graphic, scenario, functions/possibilities, etc) is simply PSYCHORULEZZ! And very good musical component!

    Much thanks to creators.

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