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Jan 29, 2010

After twiddling a few days with the animated ragdoll / biped I decided the whole thing simply is not worth it. I managed to create a controller which is able to stay pretty stable, walk on even terrain, turn around … Continue reading

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When Things Go Wrong

Ragdoll IK facepalm

I made a tool to easily create animations for ragdolls. The following sequence is a preview of what is coming: However there’s a problem. How should the characters be rotated when they turn 180° around? They are simulated in 2d … Continue reading

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Jan 22, 2010

While fine-tuning the character movement and other related stuff I found some very nonsense code related to ragdolls. I replaced it with something not so stupid and suddenly there could be at least 4x more ragdolls on the screen with … Continue reading

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