New website is up

Facepalm Games is proud to announce that it now officially has an official website at
There are some new screenshots to check out and a mailing list to subscribe.

It’d also be worth mentioning that the team now consists of two guys (it used to be just one). My main roles are still programming and art, while the other guy focuses on creating environments and designing puzzles as exciting as ever possible.

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I decided to try what I could accomplish in terms of developing a game from scratch if I constrained the development time to a few hours. The original idea was to improvise a game during a 1,5 hour bus trip which was a bit unrealistic to be honest.

When I entered the bus I had no idea of what kind of game to create and when I left the bus I had a very generic arena shooter engine. After that I basically flipped the game mechanics around.

The game was finished in about 5 hours (most of which went into polishment) and it’s at least pretty addictive. It might also be pretty easy to see that a certain developer has influenced both the development method and graphical style 🙂

Polonez can be downloaded here 
(Windows only, wine might work).
The music was made by Luke Thomas.

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This is something I almost forgot to post. It happened during an intense testing day one and half weeks ago:

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The Swapper screenshots

Progress update, finally..

I’ve been terribly busy working on the game. Below is a new trailer.
There are still lots and lots of small things to do gameplay-wise, for example polishing the character movement and animation code. Because the animation is procedural/physics based it’s all about patiently tinkering with different values. On with the video:

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Gravity Room

The below video is basically a compilation of all the stuff The Swapper is at the moment. And that means actually starting to work on the game itself instead of worrying why OpenGL or {replace with any other library}sometimes sucks so much.

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Character designs

Today I modeled the first ever character for the new engine. Using real clay. Results below: (they surprised me)

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Dynamic shadow system

Post Fx pt. II

Depth of Field shader