Facepalm Games
Based in Helsinki, Finland

Release date:
May 30th 2013

Windows (Mac/Linux after launch)


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USD$14.99 (25% off first week)
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The Swapper is an atmospheric puzzle platformer set in the furthest reaches of space. Players wield an experimental device able to clone the user and swap control between them. Dropped into a character and world as mysterious as the workings of the device itself, The Swapper is a game of exploration of a very personal nature.

All of the art in The Swapper is constructed using clay models and other everyday materials.

The Swapper is supported by Indie Fund and holder of numerous awards and accolades, including PAX 10, IndieCade and Indie Game Challenge. It will release on Steam at the end of May 2013.


  • Challenge: Fiendish puzzles whose solutions are only ever a few steps away
  • Isolation: Classic sci-fi atmosphere inspired by the likes of 2001: A Space Odyssey and Solaris
  • Wonder: A world built out of clay
  • Mystery: Narrative design from Tom Jubert, writer behind indie hits Penumbra and FTL


The Swapper - Mind-Sci Trailer YouTube

The Swapper - Steam Announcement Trailer YouTube

Awards & Recognition

    • "PAX 10 Selection." 2012
    • "Freeplay Best International Game Winner." 2011
    • "IndieCade Special Recognition Award Winner." 2011
    • "Develop Conference Indie Showcase Winner." 2011
    • "Game Connection Selected Projects Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Award Winner." 2011
    • "Indie Game Challenge Finalist." 2012
    • "Nordic Game Indie Night Finalist." 2012
    • "Independent Propeller Awards Grand Prize Nominee." 2012
    • "IndieCade Art Award Nominee." 2011
    • "IndieCade Audio Award Nominee." 2011
    • "Mindtrek Indie Games Awards Finalist." 2011

    Selected Articles

      • "...The Swapper has something that’s both beautiful and eerie about it. When you play it – and you’re so going to play this game – take a close look at the graphics. Notice how the shadows move perfectly and even in the 2D there’s something textual about the environment..."
        - Rob Manuel, G4TV
      • "...Even in its current form, The Swapper is quite a feat, both of artistic and game design, one that earned Facepalm its status as an IndieCade finalist (and Special Recognition award winner)..."
        - Mike Schramm, Joystiq
      • "...Each year, as one of many, many judges, I play a dozen or so good, bad and ugly games. And each year I come across at least one that I fall deeply in love with. This year that game is The Swapper..."
        - Brian Crescente, Kotaku
      • "...Unlike most puzzle platformers, The Swapper intensifies the abstraction in its puzzle solving rather than complicating its palette with new mechanics or even enemies. This may even make the game harder, at least initially; with only mind transferring abilities and your clones (limited to four, and who follow your movements in exact unison), it's not uncommon to run across a scenario that seems unsolveable until you try bending your mind in a new direction. One of the simplest examples in the demo is tellingly morbid: about ten minutes into the depths of the Theseus, there's a room whose only exit is a seemingly bottomless pit. You're sent cascading downwards, firing out a clone to a ledge that rushes into view. You can survive the fall, though the first clone's body keeps falling, hitting the floor with a perturbing smack. (Even the spare sound design - the soft crunch of your boots moving across rough terrain and the remote echo of groaning metal or garbled audio transmission - is effective at conveying a sense of psychological distance.)...."
        - Steve Haske, Eurogamer

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      About Facepalm Games

      Facepalm Games is a tiny independent game developer based in Helsinki, Finland, and is composed of two full time staff and two freelancers. The studio believes the video game landscape is still largely unexplored, and aspires to facepalm in ways wholly original to the medium. Facepalm's first game is The Swapper, a sci-fi puzzle platformer supported by Indie Fund, featured in the PAX10, holder of numerous awards and accolades, including IndieCade and Indie Game Challenge.

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      The Swapper Credits

      Olli Harjola
      Designer, Artist, Programmer, Founder

      Otto Hantula
      Level Designer

      Carlo Castellano
      Music, Sound Design, Freelancer

      Tom Jubert
      Writer, Narrative Designer, Freelancer

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